The Prime Element
for the Digital Transformation
of Your Distribution

Our E-Commerce Platform Connects
Manufacturers, Retailers, Service Partners and Customers

Digital Transformation

B2B2C E-Commerce of the Future

Everybody shopping online knows: modern E-Commerce makes lives easier. No customer has any sympathies left for still having to show up in person at a service counter for ordering a spare part only to watch the customer rep on site page through outdated catalogues and finally send a fax to the manufacturer. And your service partners yearn for having to spend less effort for routine processes.

Our E1 Commerce platform helps you to hit the ground running in E-Commerce - fast, pragmatically and as a safe investment. Modern direct sales and a dealership organisation are not mutually exclusive because you stay in control of your entire brand appearance. And you provide your dealers with an instrument for their individual content and special deals, empowering them to remain strong regional partners of their clients.

Your Sales Are Dealer-Based?

… and you are kept busy with lacking individual online presences or serial non-compliance with your CI?

Spare Parts and Maintenance
Are Part of Your Business?

… and you are suffering from pre-digital ordering processes, incomplete or outdated catalogue and availability information?

You Want to Accommodate
Both Direct Sales
and Your Dealers?

… and you are struggling with separate shop systems, ordering channels and processes and the resulting lack of transparency across all stock?

The E1 E-Commerce Platform

Ideal for Your Sales and Dealer Organisation

Catalogues and availabilities always up-to-date, always complete, across the whole sales organisation. Unified, end-to-end digitial ordering processes. Complete control over your brand appearance from centralised direct sales to individual dealer shops with independent content and products. Fully configurable payment methods, shipping, promotions, business intelligence, internationalisation and everything else to make your partners and customers happy. A robust and quickly attainable solution that is not a moonshot. How does that sound?

For more than a decade Element1 has been helping leading listed corporations to digitally transform dealer-based sales. This is our specialty. We are intimately familiar with industry challenges. We speak the same language.

Your immediate benefits


Quick implementation, roll-out of new individualised instances, frictionless processes, up-to-date reporting.


Ideal options for every organisation, individual content in every shop, functial updates on demand.

Cost Reduction

Fully digital ordering processes. Minimised effort for shop administration, expansion, updates.

Sales Growth

Elimination of ordering obstacles. Motivated partners. Additional, happy, loyal customers.